Mi Moneda

Mi Moneda is a luxurious jewellery brand inspired by old coins, each of them telling it's own story. In ancient Egypt coins were used as amulets, made to wear close to the heart and with a special meaning. Hence this collection of fashionable and stylish jewellery from Mi Moneda which gets its' name from the spanish for "My Coin". 

The collection is based around a unique pendant with a opening system that allows you the wearer to change the coins easily and quickly to give you a different look to match your outfit or mood each day. Choose coins that are meaningful to you and discs that will add glamour to your outfits.  There are also different size pendants and different length necklaces so that there is something to suit all outfits and occasions, you can also wear more than one at a time. So start creating your Mi Moneda Jewellery collection today.


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